3 Steps to Building your own Brand and Establishing Yourself as an Expert

Have you been in the web development industry for 5+ years? You should be advertising that. It’s called authority marketing. Your depth of knowledge makes you stand out from your competitors and it helps you establish yourself as an expert in your industry. When you’re seen as an expert, it makes you trustworthy (even to clients who have never met you), it builds your reputation, and it boosts your credibility. You’ve already got the skills and experience, here’s how to market yourself.


  • If you want to stand out, you need to pick a market that isn’t already saturated. For example, you may be an experienced nail artist, but what’s your most unique strength? Maybe you do killer stiletto nails, maybe you are known for your retro style, or maybe you are great at detailed designs. Once you’ve picked your niche, it’s time to brand yourself.
  • You should literally use the word “expert” to describe yourself on all of your online profiles including your Instagram business page. If you don’t believe you’re an expert nobody else will. If you are a cosmetologist and you’ve chosen full brows as your niche, your professional bio should read like this:

“Victoria is an expert in full natural brow shaping. She is a licensed cosmetologist with over eight years experience and her work has been featured in popular lifestyle publications like InStyle and Glamour…”


  • Make friends with the media. Reach out to blogs and other publications and offer to write an article for them. Getting published can be more effective than any paid advertising and it’s free! It positions you as an expert, you can add it to your bio, and it can help you gain exposure. Be strategic about who you reach out to. You want to get your work in front of potential clients or potential Instagram followers ; ) Make sure you are always credited and the article links back to your website.
  • Create original content. Post tutorials to your Instagram, speak at conventions and trade shows, join conversations on social media and give advice in comments, or better yet, start your own blog. Imagine the next time a client asks for your advice and you can say, “Let me send you an article I wrote about that.”


  • 88% of clients trust online reviews so make it easy for clients to leave them. Make sure you send your clients a link to leave a review after every appointment.
  • Remember, clients aren’t the only ones who can recommend you. You can also build your reputation by associating your name with other more established experts — it’s not as difficult as you think. Make sure you’ve got something great to offer their audience, build a relationship with them (before you ask for any favors), and deliver on whatever you promised them.
  • For example, if you’re a barber who specializes in beard shaping and you want to be associated with an expert barber who does awesome designs, send them a DM! Let them know you would love to collaborate — offer to write something for their blog, guest speak at their event, co-host a live video with them, or rep their product line at your shop. Once you’ve established a relationship, you can ask for a little cross-promotion : )

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